haremasonEsoteric Christian Freemasonry for Men and Women

The Grand Lodge of All England is that Ancient and Honourable Society and Fraternity of Freemasons meeting since time immemorial under a charter granted by King Athelstan at York in A.D. 926.

Open to enquiring men and women of any Trinitarian denomination, our Order is founded on the time-immemorial precepts of Christian Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry. 

Informed by esoteric and intellectual teachings from within the Western Mystery Tradition and Christian Chivalry we work the inclusive seven degree Initiatory system of the Royal York Rite. 

Our ultimate aim and endeavour is towards the attainment of that wisdom and spiritual self-knowledge which is the highest vocation of Mankind.

The Grand Lodge of All England

The Great Seal is made up of three elements: The Cross, the White Rose and the Crown. The  Cross represents the  Christian religion which is the foundation of our Order.The Rose represents the City of York, which is the place of our foundation. It also represents that Divine Wisdom to which we aspire. The Crown represents our Founder, Athelstan, King of Wessex and of All England. The date of  AD 926 indicates the date of his Charter to the Masons of York.