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Elias Ashmole and the Warrington Lodge

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Elias Ashmole

Robert Freke Gould in his “History of Freemasonry Its Antiquities, Symbols, Constitutions, Customs, Part 2”, deals with the question of Elias Ashmole’s initiation into Freemasonry:

“Although the admission of Elias Ashmole into the ranks of the Freemasons may have been, and probably was, unproductive of the momentous consequences which have been so lavishly ascribed to it, the circumstances connected with his membership of what in South Britain was then a very obscure fraternity – so little known, indeed, that not before the date of Ashmole’s reception or adoption does it come within the light of history – are, nevertheless, of the greatest importance in our general enquiry, since, on a close view, they will be found to supply a quantity information derivable from no other source, and which, together with the additional evidence I shall adduce from contemporary writings, will give us a tolerably faithful picture of English Freemasonry in the seventeenth century.

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