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square-and-compassGenuine Freemasonry has had a long and honourable history during which it has become informed by elements of many ways of thinking about the world and our place within it. Such disciplines as Alchemy, Rosicrucianism, Christian Cabbala, Neoplatonism and, not least, the Mysteries of Gothic Architecture and that cycle of legend, religious symbolism and Christian Chivalry known as The Matter of Britain have all made their contributions.

Moreover, for most of its earlier history the Christian, spriritual core of Freemasonry remained intact. However, with the onset of the so-called Enlightenment, a more materialistic, profane and disenchanted age, much ancient lore being discarded as irrelevant, irrational or irredeemably archaic. Subsequently not one but various Freemasonries developed, many contrary to Tradition, many tainted by currently fashionable political ideas, and many in dire neglect or even outright rejection of any spiritual or esoteric inheritance. It is therefore to uphold the essential precepts and True Principles of Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry that the Grand Lodge of All England exists.

Tradition and the True Principles of Freemasonry are essential elements of our wider culture and history, which matters because the materiality and infantilisation of the disenchanted modern world is corrosive of true theosophy and of that nobility of spirit essential for cultural survival. It matters because profound self-knowledge and the sovereignty of the individual within an initiatic sodality are otherwise overcome by the anti-intellectualism and vacuous collectivism of the lowest common denominator.

Genuine Speculative Freemasonry is nothing more nor less than the pursuit of wisdom through self-knowledge, where the living stone upon which the Mason works is in fact him- or herself. This fundamental understanding is often neglected or even deliberately obscured in Moderns hegemonic practice. The ritual is condescendingly described as play-acting by rote, the spiritual or esoteric is regarded as something alien and subversive whilst, contrariwise, the profane is regarded as something safe and proper. This state of affairs is apparently convenient to many but not to the noble few who recognise in this a demeaning parody of genuine Freemasonry.

This is why it matters.